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Saturday, June 12, 2010

MY CLOSET! : Old but awesome! /Antiguos pero geniales!

Hey guys! How're you today?.... ok this a new section in the Blog named "My Closet!" here I'm gonna be posting about my personal stuff, the things I love,  latest shoppings and my favorite items at the moment! so, hope you like it!
This first edition of "My Closet"  is about those Oldies in your wardrobe that you still love like day one! I personally have plenty, but I've chose two of them.

Hola chic@s! Como andan hoy?.... ok , esta es una nueva sección del Blog llamada "Mi Closet!" Aqui postearé acerca de mi estilo personal, mis cosas, mis ultimas adquisiciones y mis accesorios y ropa favoritos del momento!
 Esta primera edición de "My Closet" es acerca de esos elementos algo viejitos de tu armario que sigues amando como si los acabaras de adquirir! Personalmente tengo varios, pero he escogido dos de ellos para mostrarles!

First I've here my favorite snickers of all the times! my old converse!. I have them since I was like in 8 grade, and you don't know how many times my mom has wanted to throw them in the garbage, but I still in love with them, even when I've buy other sneakers I just can't stop wearing them... Besides that old school look they give is awesome! isn't it?!

Primero que todo mis zapatillas favoritas! mis viejas converse!... Las tengo desde que estaba en octavo grado, y no tienen idea de cuantas veces mi mamá quiso tirarlas, pero es que simplemente sigo enamorada de ellas. Aún cuando he comprado otras deportivas no puedo dejar de usarlas, además ese look old school que te dan es increible!! cierto?!

And last but not less important, this amazing floral scarf!! It is really a vintage item, cuz it has been in my mom's wardrobe for at last 30 years!... I must confess that in my early years I just didn't love it, but now I just can't stop wearing it!.... besides it is so In right now with all the floral trend :D just love it.

Y por último este hermoso pañuelo con estampado floral! Es realmente un accesorio vintage, ha estado en el armario de mi madre por al menos 30 años!... Debo de confesar que siendo una niña no le preste demaciada atención, pero ahora no puedo dejar de usarlo!... además esta super de tendencia con el estampado Floral! :D simplemente lo amo!

HOPE YOU LIKED THE POST! NOW LET ME KNOW, WICH ARE YOUR "OLD BUT AWESOMES"? let me a comment in the section bellow :) kisses!



Anonymous said...

Hey you´re completely right, oldies are great, and have a very original way that combines trendy clothes with vintage ones, givig you your own personal style!
Personaly I have an oldie/vintage accesory that is my rayban´s, I inherited them from my dad. I really like them and they are always in fashion!

An advise that I give to evereyone who reads this blog is that get risks and try your old stuff and turn them cool and fashinable with only a good attitude and your personality.

Annette S. said...

That's so true! what is more vintage and trendy that a good pair of rayban's!! and yes you're right! sometimes u must take risks and conbine the old stuff with the new one! :D

RedPoppy said...

Lovely blog! I have a gorgeous leather handbag my mother used to tote around in the '60's. I like to wear it with a flouncy modern outfit....

Annette S. said...

That's awesome! I bet it has a gorgeous wasted leather!! .... and yeah! the key is to combine them with moderrn stuff!!! I'll check out ur blog too, I promise :)