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Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Make over!!!

Hey guys, How're you? well, I'm super excited because I finally got the Domain for the blog, and it came with a total extreme make over!! :) The reason of why I change the name from Style-On, to AnnMarie's Style, is because I felt that it's a more personal name, and at the same time less generic. Also, I decide to change the format and the colors, cuz I thought that well... changes are good doesn't it?!... Thanks to all my followers and equally to the people that is visiting for the first time, I invite you to follow me on blogger or on twitter of facebook!... Oh, and please let me know  what do you think about the new design!! :)

Holaa Chicos como estan? pues bueno yo estoy suuuper contenta porque finalmente el blog tiene su dominio web propio, y vino acompañado de un total extreme make over!! :) La razon por la cual le cambie el nombre de Style-On a AnneMarie's Style, es porque siento que es un nombre mucho mas personal y a la vez no tan genérico como Style-On. Igual decidi cambiarle el formato y los colores, porque pienso que pues bueno... los cambios siempre son buenos o no?! ... gracias a mis followers, e igualmente a los que entran por primera vez, los invito a que me sigan por blogger o bien por Twitter o por Facebook!.... Porfavor haganme saber que piensan de el "nuevo" Blog!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I think the design is really awesome!! congrats for your blog! :)