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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Awesome findings (1)!!

Today I went shoping, and even though I didn’t wanna spend too much, I ended purchasing a couple of great things!
I had a pretty long time since I wanted a good pair of carrot pants!… I was always too doubtful about them, because somehow I thought they weren’t flattering for my figure, but today I tried them and they looked fabulous!!! soo, I got 2!!! one in a classic black color and the other one in a nice navy blue!… the good news? they were in offert!! SCORE!

The other good finding was a “boyfriend” blazer. Even though, I have a couple of them, I hadn’t find one thet really fitted me just like I wanted them to fit… they’re too lose or too short or too long, but this one is perfect! It’s from Old Navy, in case you wanna check it out later :).

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